Noon product onboarding
Product intro video design embedded in the Noon app. We also did all of Noon's OOBE and tutorial video content.
Introducing Lyve Mix
Product intro and app tutorial for Lyve (acquired by Seagate). I scripted/shot/edited/scored/graded and did the voiceover work as well.
Lyve Cloud Drive Promo
Tech promotional video for Seagate/Lyve product.
Getting Started with Dreem
Product tutorial for the Rythm Dreem Headband.
Pearl Christmas Promo
Short Holiday promo for Pearl Automation. We shot, edited, and scored the whole dang thing. What was it that WC Fields said about kids and dogs? ;)
Pearl Skit: 80's Neighbor
Promo/social skit for Pearl Automation. My production company wrote, shot, edited, and composed the music for this short social-media friendly video.
Union Mule Glass
Rough edit of production narrative for Union's Kickstarter project.
Living Room Sessions #1: Lee Bob & The Truth
The first in an ongoing series of performances captured in people's living rooms. Shot in my living room, recorded the band live to 2-track, and edited/graded the whole thing over a period of a few weeks. Totally fun project. The Truth: http://leebobandthetruth.com/
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